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Separated from the mainland by a small canal, Lefkada is an extremely beautiful island. Its western coast is characterised by its stunning beaches which still retain their pure character. Growing abruptly from the sea, like all the other Ionian Islands, are steep mountains covered in green bushes and small trees. The numerous green pine trees contrast perfectly with Lefkadas white sand beaches western coast. The best beaches on Lefkada are the more remote ones along the western coast. The top ones Lefkada Beaches are Agios Nikitas, Kathisma, Port Katsiki that will undoubtedly cast a spell on you. Lefkada is an island with two sides, some would say the beautiful and remote white sand beaches of the western coast form the ones hand, and the intense night side of the island is consisting it ideal for all tastes whether you wish to party until the first morning hours or you wish to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.
LEFKAS TOWN: Lefkada Town has an amazing nightlife and is welcoming especially during the summer period an unbelievable number of visitors. You will find in the island numerous restaurants, bars, taverns, cafe's, and nightclubs that attract the majority of the youngsters.

KARYA: The mountain village offers the Folklore Museum where even today the famous embroideries of Lefkas produced. On 11 to 13 August the traditional celebration for Aghios Spyridon is taken place.


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