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COLOSSUS OF RHODES: The Colossus was located at the entrance of the harbour of the Mediterranean island of Rhodes in Greece

PALACE OF THE GRANDMASTER: The palace was first built by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem on the site of 7th c. Byzantine fortress. After its dereliction during the Turkish occupation, it was largely destroyed by the explosion of the powder magazine in 1856.

LINDOS ACROPOLIS: According to myth, the cult of Athena Lindia was pre-Hellenic, although this is not borne out by the sporadic excavation finds. The history of the sanctuary begins in the Geometric period (9th c. BC). In the Archaoc period the tyrant of Lindos, Kleoboulos, revived the cult and built a temple, probably on the site of an earlier one. The Archaic temple had the same Doric tetrastyle amphiprostyle plan as the subsequent one. The sanctuary was approached by a rough flight of steps. After it was burnt down in 342 BC, the present temple was built with the propylaea and the monumental staircase. The Hellenistic stoa is later. In the 3rd c. BC the cult of Zeus Polieus was introduced, although Athena remained the principal deity of the sanctuary. In the Roman period the priest Aglochartos planted olive trees on the spot, and according to an inscription the Sanctuary of Psithyros was built close to the Temple of Athena (2nd c. AD).

KAMEIROS: The Hellenistic city was built on three levels according to the Hippodamian system. On the summit of the hill was the Acropolis with the Temple of Athena and the Stoa. On the middle terrace was the settlement and lower down the Hellenistic temple, Doric Fountain-house, Agora and Peribolos of the Altars. The area was embellished with numerous votive offerings, stelai and plinths with statues. The earthquake of 142 BC destroyed the city for the second time.

THE VALLEY OF THE BUTTERFLIES: The Valley of the Butterflies is a biotope unique in the world, surviving untouched in its own dimension. The Valley runs the river Pelekanos, which is fed by small, rushing waterfalls.

KALITHEA BAY: At Kalithea bay the Italian spa Facilities, the exotic Vegetation and the sea are combined to a picture coming right from the cinema. The Kalithea spa Building complex is a distinguished Cultural Monument.

SEVEN SPRINGS: Epta piges (in Greek) lies on the way to Archipolis Village at a distance of about 3km before the church of Agios Nectarios. It is a valley flowing with clear springs and covered with enormous plane and pine trees. Here the visitor can

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