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Karpathos is situated between Rhodes and Crete in the Karpathian Sea. The variety of scenery of the island is unique. The transition from scenery to another and changes of colors and shapes are frequent and unexpected and never make the visitor feel boredom. On the mountains one will see steep dingles, dashing streams, deep caves with stalactites, green valleys with crystal clear waters which spread their melody and breeze everywhere. Moreover, one can find himself in mountain sides, full of pine trees which are spread allover reaching golden and sandy beaches.

Olympos, is one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Greece and it is exceptional because of its rich which has roots from ancient years and especially because of the local peoples devotion to preserving their customs and traditions and living according to these values.

On Easter Tuesday, there is a great celebration called "Lambri Triti". The men carries the icons and the unmarried girls proudly wear their traditional Karpathian costumes and as heavier the gold, that they wear is, that greater is the chances of marriage.

The charm of the island is represented in the simplicity of its nature, its inhabitants and in the villages.

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