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Tinos is the focus of religious worship for the faithful who pay homage to the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary Megaloharis that is found in the church of Evagelismou of the Virgin Mary, near in the harbour of island. Tinos has a scenic landscape and over fifty villages that embellish the Tiniaka Mountains, with picturesque Pyrgos, or Panormos, is one of the picturesque villages of the Cyclades. In Tarampado one can see beautiful traditional dovecotes, while Volax is located in a ravine with an impressive rock landscape. From the imposing rock of Xompourgou one can admire a unique view of the Aegean.

An important element of the cultural identity of the island is the marble carving that thrived in Tino from the period of Venetian rule. Over the years masons and carvers have honed their art and have produced important artists. The marble carving centres are located in the villages of Pyrgos and Isternia. Famous sculptors from Tinos were Giannoulis Halepas and D.Filippotis.


PANAGIA EVANGELISTRIA: The Church of Panagia Evangelistria (Our Lady of Good Tidings) is the most revered religious shrine in Greece, drawing thousands of pilgrims each year.

PIGEON HOUSES: The pigeon-houses are monuments of architectural creation, unique throughout Greece.

TINOS - THE ISLAND OF THE ARTIST: The Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery and the Tinos Sculpture Gallery in Tinos Town.

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