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Andros, at the western part are the large sandy beaches of the island, easily accessible. Those seeking quiet beaches and rough landscapes should visit the north eastern and south eastern parts.There are many rivers and torrents and plenty of springs. Ravines have rich vegetation with plane and walnut trees, while the slopes are full of oak trees. Since a long time ago, big parts of the slopes have been transformed, using stone walls, to step-like shapes locally called “emasies”. Around the villages there are olive and lemon trees groves and many vineyards. Andros owes its ancient names “Idrousa”, “Lasia”, “Nonagria” and “Epagris” to water and its rich vegetation.

The north western part of the island is bushy and somebody can see partridges, hawks or even rater predatory birds, like eagles, wild pigeons and martin.

MESSARIA: Close to Hora is Messaria, the medieval center of the island, with Taxiarchis Michail, an important Byzantine church built in 1158.

TOWN OF ANDROS: Hora, as it is locally called, is the capital of the island and, beyond any challenge, the nicest town. The mid-ages style houses, the neo-classical and island-type ones, in addition to the narrow alleys, the museums and the beaches, are the main attractions for every visitor.

PALEOPOLI: Paleopoli is the ancient city of Andros island, which flourished from classical age till roman times. Today it is a picturesque green village at the slope of mountain Petalo, on which there are the probably unique waterfalls in Cyclades islands. Here, you can visit the Archeological Museum, which has many important findings from the excavations in the greater area.

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