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The rich history, the Byzantine tradition of many centuries, the natural environment, the traditional architecture of the settlements, the excellent microclimate, the hospitable disposal of the residents, are certain some of the reasons to prefer Patmos.

Majestic but also humble Monasteries, innumerable country churches scattered in the entire island, sandy beaches and indented coastline that shapes repeated creeks, the devoutness in the sequences of Christian feasts, the unique traditional settlement of Chora, that Ounesko included with the Cave of the Apocalypse in the Monuments of World Heritage, are elements that all together compose, what the visitor conceives and is aware of as something separate and unique atmosphere.

MONASTERY OF ST. JOHN: The first thing you notice on Patmos is the monastery of St. John the Divine or the Evangelist. It crows the hill of Chora. It looks like a Byzantine castle and was built like a fortress. Its presence is overwhelming. It was founded in 1088 by Ossios Christodoulos following a grant by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I. Komnenos.

THE CAVE OF THE APOCALYPSE: Half-way between Chora and Skala is the Cave of the Apocalypse, now a chapel as the heart of the convent of Apokalipsis St. John the Divine stayed here during his exile by the Emperor Domitian and dictated the book of Revelation to his disciple.

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