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The former health resort Loutraki, on the Gulf of Corinth, is built on the foothill of the mountains Gerania. This popular summer resort offers a large choice of taverns, cafes and nightclubs and archeological sights as well. The famous casino is also to be visit.
CORINTH: In antiquity it was a city-state and now it is the capital of the prefecture of Corinthia, The city is surrounded by the coastal town lets of Lechaio, Isthmia, Kechries and the inland town lets of Examilia and the archeological site. The municipality includes the town of Ancient Corinth (1.770 inhabitants), where the ancient and the medieval city used to be built at the foothills of the rock of Acrocorinth 3km from the new city centre.

CHANNEL OF CORINTH: This channel separates the Peloponnes and the mainland Greece and it was constructed in 1893. The channel is about 6.3 km long and 23 m wide.

NAFPLIO: Nafplio is a picturesque city, which combines the medieval atmosphere of the old town, great beaches in vicinity and easy access to important archeological sites, such as Mycenae and Epidaurus.

NEMEA: Besides Olympia, Delphi and Channel of Corith, is Nemea also to be visit. The Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea evolved with the institution of the Panhellenic Nema Games in the 6th century.

MYCENAE: The famous Lion Gate which led into the city, and the Treasury of Atreus, the largest of the beehive tombs outside the walls of the city are the most notable of its ancient remains.

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